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August 23, 2017
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January 25, 2018
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Focused Billing & Collections Services

Reduce Overhead by Eliminating Your Billing Department! No more payroll taxes,worker’s compensation, benefits, or the dreaded hiring process.

Charging only 6% monthly, making us the least expensive and yet, the most efficient billing company you will find! Effective billing and collections is the key to every practices’ success. We protect you from timely billing mistakes and poor billing efforts. Compliance is key!

-Claim Submission

-Claim Denial Correction

-Insurance Follow-up and  Resolution

-Appeals and Follow-up

-Prior Authorizations

-Collections and Courtesy Calls

-Pre-adjudicate your claims before bills are ever submitted

-We use your software

-We do Provider Credentialing

-Specializing in A/R collections

Cost: 6% of monthly billing collections.

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