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October 12, 2018
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From Health Care To Health Club: How Gym Owners Can 10X Their Income


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Throughout the country, independent gyms are struggling. Revenue is sinking. Signups are flat. You can’t raise dues without losing members. And profits from personal training can’t offset losses everywhere else.

The scary truth is that the standalone independent gym is no longer a viable business model. Low-Cost national chains have devoured the bottom of the market. Health-conscious Millennials don’t want old-school gyms that can’t offer the amenities, classes and cutting-edge equipment available through luxury brands.

To survive, you will need to adapt. Dr. Raj Gupta, proprietor of luxury wellness center franchise Soul Focus, has discovered how gym owners can transform their businesses into desirable modern wellness centers.A wellness center is a place patrons can work out, visit a spa, pick up healthy meals, and see their doctor, all under one roof. In this book, Dr. Gupta shows you how to convert your independent gym into a full-featured wellness center that retains current members and attracts new ones.His method helps gym owners see 10 times their previous income, all in a few simple steps. Learn how you can save your business and see a new level of success.